Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thought Of A Day..

I've been doing a blog-walking on one of my friend's blog and found sumthing very touchable..It's a poem which she wrote for her father..Her late father...I can't keep holding my tears as reading her poem saying that how much she missed her father..And I really know how she felt as she is so close to her late father and her father is the only person (besides her granma) whom always backing her up whenever she'd been pushover by others.. I also felt very sorry for her because I'm not there, being by her side on the day her father passed-away..
Hurm, reading this poem makes me think of sumthing... I guess that I should become more grateful with both of my parents since I've still got da chance to show my devotion towards them. I should always bear in mind that to show the best gratitude as a daughter and try my best to make them happy and proud in their life..Although sumtimes it's hard to say "I Love You Mom & Dad" directly but I'll try my best to keep them happy and proud by having daughter like me..InsyaAllah

p/s: Alhamdulillah, sumhow today I'd made both of them happy..I'll guess after this I should pay my nazar and work more harder to maintain the result..Upacikoyong!! ;p

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