Sunday, January 9, 2011

Nothing Much

Align CenterMy weekends ends with a boring day..Sitting alone in my own bedroom and waited until my parents get home. Weekends, weekdays or even a holiday feels just the same for me coz most of the time, my parents wasn't at home. I really missed my childhood..Missing sitting together and gather with all of my family members at home. Mum will cook fried mee and then we will sat together in front of the television and ate, chit chat, laughing & sharing foods. Although it is just a simple activity but it seems meant everything for me as we gather as a family that should be...But that memory was very2 long time ago..Maybe it just me the one who are over emotional bout this matter and my other siblings seems to like how we live now coz they tend to spend most of their time in their own room doing sumthing more enjoyable, I guess..or it is just me feel this way as I'm the only one whom life in hostel; which is almost 10 years; where I think that home is the place that family should be gather together but it's not really happens in my house. It seems that living in the hostel is better than at home coz here, at the hostel, I still got friends to talk with or internet to browse on. Living in my own house and hostel still gave me the same situation=no parents. I guess I am really missing my childhood memory..sob..sob..;(

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