Thursday, January 6, 2011

Movie To Share

This is just a nice, wonderful and enjoyable film to watch..It's a romantic-comedy genre..Although u’re not a hindustan "addictor" but I STILL suggest you to watch this movie..For the Hindustanisme addictor,(erk??whateverla) I guess I don’t need to tell anymore coz everyone agreed that this is such a superb film. A lot of massages that we can get from this film. Friendship, Love, Family and mostly about life in college and the reality life that people face nowadays..I had watched this movie 6 times including with bapak, Afiq and Ammar..and believe me,I never even get bored watching them continously and repeatly..I can even memorize some of the script from any part of the movie.. even my father cried watching this movie..haha..(opps,sorry bapak!!)..Memang patut pun menang banyak award..Watch it and I guarantee you love it. ALIZWEL!!!

p/s ALIZWEL =All Is Well =Everything Is Ok!!

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