Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Since after resigned from my work that holiday, I, sumhow become even more interested in cooking and trying some new recipes..(ahaks, mentang2 keja kdai makan ;p) I hope that my cooking skill will increase better from now on and never disappointing my future husband and my mother-in-law..ahaks!! Those were some dishes that I've tried this holiday..Although it's just a simple recipe but at least I manage to cooked it by MYSELF!!hehe

Tom Yam Campur

Pancake..Yummy!The taste is sooo pleasant..suitable for kids especially for breakfast.We can also added some chocolate chips @ strawberry chips @ chocolate rice @ cheese for more "happy" taste :P

Daging Masak Black Pepper..Wallah..;p

Ayam Masak Butter..Simply Nice and Easy!!

Ayam Masak Kurma..My father even added his rice and asked for more..hehe

Well, cooking is an easy and enjoyable activities actually when we eager to learn and brave to try something new..The climax and the most exciting part of it is knowing that everyone in my family were really enjoyed with my cooking..Alhamdulillah..;)

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