Wednesday, January 5, 2011


A story of heart..a story of love..A story of hurted-heard..
Adapting from what Yuuki had wrote:

"Been reading a motivational book called, "La Tahzan"...thanks to my beautiful bestfriend,who bought it for me as a birthday present..(this is only according to me)
While I was reading the book, I feel really strong and capable of anything...and it really motivates me..
but once I finish the book, I try to be what the book been telling me to do...but somehow, I always end up feeling more miserable than before... I try to make believe that everything's okay, but that only makes it worse... It's hard, I know...try to turn my world back to its normal axis without him circling in my orbit.. but the gravity still pulls the memory of him into me... I have a weak heart...and I really need to learn to protect it...I had to... coz nothing else works...I keep giving a piece of me away, but in the end i lose it... I'm not regretting any of it coz I learned...but I know how weak I am to let this stuff keep repeating in my life and hurt me over and over again... I guess, its much more bearable just to admire from afar..."

I guess I'm agree with her coz it goes same to me. I guess I should always bear this in my mind so that I'll never be the one who fills in the blanks again..

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