Friday, September 21, 2012

MQA and Action Research in Action!!

Assalammualaikum..actually, i'm still busy preparing for my action research presentation next week but i think i would like to spend a lil time to share bout what i'm going to talk.. i'm getting nervous but excited at the same week will be the busiest week and most important week coz MQA also will come to check on our Remedial Education programme on 25th of September (Tuesday); to determine whether our badge is qualified to get the degree or not..huhu..actually we prepare a lot for their coming and waited on the past June to come but keep been delayed for some reason..and finally they are coming now..pliz pray a lot for us..PISMP Pemulihan in other IPG such as Pulau Pinang, Prempuan Melayu Melaka, Tawau n etc had oredy been observed and interviewed..hope everything goes well and hope all of our hard word will be paid with the highest qualification..Aminn.. And right after our MQA, we should get ready for the reharsal of our presentation or action research seminar. Me, will be presenting my research on the second day of seminar which is on 28th of September, Friday, 2nd participant, 0800 to 0830 am. PISMP Pemulihan will be present all of their researchs in Bilik Latihan..Do support us later,k??hehe.. As what all of u read bout my abstract, yes I would like to stress out bout my research, how VAKT approach helps Year 2 remedial pupils to write their names correctly. I do hope that I can present well and I am really proud to share all of my finding with juniors and everyone. Me, doakan smua PISMP ambilan Januari 2009 can do their best!!.Chaiyo2 fren, we are getting near towards the 'gold' that we dig..dun give up and strive 4 da best, ya!! 

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