Friday, September 7, 2012

Buzy September

Assalammualaikum..this entry is made by me(ofcozla) in a middle of the buzyness (got meh this word?) of my   final year student..2 months more to be left and i'm over excited by thinking that i'm gonna be a real teacher soon. but surely i must finish my last and final action research as a degree teacher-trainee. Actually doing this research really need inspiration and determination coz for the last 4 days, i didn't manage to make any progress on my research really worrried coz by this time being, i should finish doing all the report, presentations and articles but i am stuck at chapter 4 where i should analyze all the data that i got from the students. I am guaranteed that i can finished all this by the end of september but i hope that i can make them in a very gud quality..Aminn..hehe, so that's the end of my post..nothing to share just wanted 2 express my feeling..:) Salam Asar

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