Thursday, September 6, 2012


This post is especially for my dear besfren, Cik Sheeda Ssi..

I know it's been 4 years since she left..
And today is her 57th birthday..
I didn't mean to make you sad nor cry
But I just want you to know that you are really strong dear
I admire you for your braveness
by accepting the reality and rise up from the sadness
You never gave up yet you always pray for her happiness in Jannah
You know that Allah loves her more..

Dear, I know you've face with a lot of lost in your life 
But Allah knows that you are strong..
He never test his servant over or exceeds your ability..
This is the sign that He always love and care of you..
He know that with this obstacles in your life, you'll be brand new "sumone" with a better life and better personality..

Dear, this post is specially made for you..
I dunno whether this would comfort you or make you even sad..
But what I can see since our 5 years relationship is;
You've actually already success in your life.
You're really a gud and beautiful friend and daughter,
Although you get crazy sumtimes but that makes you unique..
I'm glad that Allah made us meet and become a very good friend..
Let's we pray for her happiness and 
xlmk agik kt akan dpt emas ya..Chaiyo2!! :) 

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