Friday, June 4, 2010

m!3My's eDuCatIoN cEnTre

1993-Tadika Kemas, Batu Kawa
I can't hardly remember any moments here as I was too little..hehe

1994-1999- SK Garland, Kuching

My beloved primary school, situated at Batu Kawa..Got soooo much sweet memory here especially with my beloved childhood fwends (Azimah, Nana,Dahlia, Siti,Suliza, Wayne,Zarina)..Those days, Spice Girls, Power Rangers,Sailormoon, All Saints, Moffatts, Weslife, Backstreet Boys were sooo popular among us..So, as a kids we admire them most..We sang their songs, we act as we were them and we hang out together at Dahlia's@Nana's house after school. Miss so much those cute moments..hehe..In evening class, I sumtimes came and visited Azimah at her grandma's house and we cycled together to school. I still can remember while having our break, I ate Azimah's food and I really admired her for being so brave eating the "piranha" bread..haha..what a kid! actually it's a tuna bread and when we share this story again, we laughed with all of our heart..haha..I do also remember how I lost my bicycle and shoes after KAFA class, when buying things with only RM1 at hand, how to be chased by dog and how we admired some of our senior at school..haha..But sadly, when the SK Batu Kawa had been launched, some of my friends transfered there, so we're left with only a few muslims. Now, we are planning to meet again since the lost of 11 years on our own ways in a 1994-1999 badge reunion at Matang Wildlife Centre on this 12th June 2010.. I was so xcited n i can't just wait 2 met everyone..hehe

2000-2004- Kolej Datu' Patinggi Abang Haji Abdillah

Here was my first teenage life begins..Living in the hostel, away from my family. Being 5 years in Kolej gave me opportunities to become active such as in PPIM, PRS, Pengawas, Koperasi Sekolah n etc , new xperiences and new life-style. I can still remember when every PRS members were require to sell the guave every break hour. We walk from class to class and there, we can explore the whole school. We had to be not so shy because if we're, the guava will not be sold. Besides that, every 30th of August, my friends and the whole school celebrate my birthday indirectly. There's a countdown on the night of 30th August and a lot of programme were planned for the whole day. It was such a memorable moment in my life. My friends gave me presents and the most exciting part is when sumone whom I admire most also gave me a beautiful frame for my 15th birthday.I still kept it in my room..hehe.. I also still remember we played fire-crackers right after we had finish our SPM paper, the astaka was almost burned out during the countdown night, cooperation duty, usrah and big-big animal statue build in our school compund...(gorilla, dinosour, butterfly). Also thanks Allah for the most precious gift and met me with such a great, understanding and beloved bestfriends (Izzati, Nadia, Haliza, Nita) through the journey of my life, although we're apart now and everyone is on their own path. Izzati is continuing her master at UNIMAS, Nadia is working as quantity surveyer+tution teacher,Nita as a will-be nurse and Haliza is buzy with her 'kursus'..Although sumtimes there's a misscommunication and misunderstanding in our relationship, but sumhow, we managed to handle them as an adult.And I really miss my beloved teachers whom are Ustazah Raniah, Cikgu Tuan Meriam Tuan Mat and... Ustaz Sazidin..opps!!hehe

2005-2006- SMK Datok Patinggi Haji Abdul Gapor, Stampin

I further my form 6 at here in science stream. I was quite frustrated coz I cannot enter matriculation as like my other friends. I was with Nita here. I took Physcis class and Nita took Biology class. It was such a tough year for me as the science stream was so difficult and my chemistry teacher owez look down with all the Bumiputera student. She was keep persuading us to leave this Form6 as we're do not had enough basic in Chemistry.Yes, it's true but do I had any choices? This is what my parents wants. I had 2 obey them and had 2 finished my Form6 in no matter how. Finally, I sit for my STPM and my result was so so bad..:( aiiyak..Somehow, although it tooks only a year for me to be here, i've met a few nice fwiend here..Pei Yii, Nyuak Lee, Fenny, Ita, Mis, Audrey, Snagie, Lia, Nor and etc...they're such a great friends!! N ita will get married with her beloved ones on 13th June 2010 and I can't wait to meet my friends there as we promise that we'll attending her wedding ceremony.

February-April 2007-SK Lubok Antu/Reban, Serian

While waiting for my STPM result and any job@study offer for any government agency, I was offered by my uncle to be temporarily teacher here. I was very memoriable experience for da whole of my life as here I've learned to teach at the first time and being in the school community..I tought of Year1-6 students and I know well of my pupils as they're only 60 of them in this whole school. I live with the headmaster family and they're such a great family. The whole family, school community and even the villagers treat me kindly. I really love the moment where I can sit near the river, walking along da kampung with my pupils and seeing the beautiful view of sawah padi at evening..How I really miss them.. I even become the remedial teacher for 2 of my students,(Shahril and Nabila) and there' I've learned how patient and T&L strategies are really needed as a remedial teacher. Hurm.. really miss this kampung and this is my greatest teaching experience in my whole life. I still can remember how I pinch on one of my pupil for being naughty and he cried and run away from classroom to his home. On da next day, he came to school and I can still see the mark on his hand and I feel so terrible. Luckily I'm not attending practicum yet at this moment, if not, surely I can be failed for my worst teaching attitude.haha..On da last day of being here, I was celebrated by them and they do a small party for me. I was so happy for recieving so much presents from my pupils yet I felt so sad to leave them. And my pay which is about RM2---, had been used to take the car license. I do hope that 1 day, I'll come back again to this school.. InsyaAllah

2007-2012- Institut Pendidikan Guru Kampus Batu Lintang, Kuching I'm..I was proud and happy to be the part of this family..It took me three times to enter this teacher's training institution but sumhow, alhamdulillah i managed to be here now. That's why when remembering those moments, I will bcome more encourage to study. Although i've to spend my whole 5 1/2 years here, it's ok cause i got such a great click here..we're known as Geng Topeq, consists of Sheeda, Nae, Liza, Atol and Dkna.. i love my bestfriends as we're really enjoy being with each other.. Our port is in A1.12(bilik suci) where we sat and laughed, cry, share dreams and problems with each other...Sheeda n me is in da same course: Remedial Education while the four of my fwiends are Ustazah: PISMP PA-AQ..Our life's here is quite free..(yaka?hehe) I've been experience being in JPP last year as a treasure and handle 1 big event of institute. Although it was not so well organized but sumhow I really appreciate these experiences and opportunities of being the organizer. Thanx to all the communities, my parents, my friends and 'him' whom always being there, helping and encourage me whenever I needed help and being stressful.This is my 2nd year of dgree and i do hope that i could graduate as the first class honour and could be posted whether in rural area of Sarawak@ at Sabah..

SK Abang Aing, Sri Aman- My first School Based Experience (SBE) school.
SK Dato’ Mohammad Musa, Kota Samarahan- My 2nd SBE school
SK Semariang, Kuching –My third SBE school
SK Garland@ SK Batu Kawa, Kuching- My 4th@last SBE school

p/s Sorry for many broken i said b4, i'm a new learner..Please guide me..astagfirullah..

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