Thursday, August 16, 2012


And as I thought before, this day will come..
And again, we become stranger for d very second second time..
The moment when this finally happens
I've just make sure that the important part of me is okay
which is the heart..
Coz I know that I have 2 survive till da end 
Yes, as a survivor..
By not blaming anyone nor myself..
and accept what was meant and left for me..
with regardless and no complaint 
Mayb it's a kifarah of all da sins I made before.
As what I've been through those years,
I become more careful
For those whom I should believe to..
And for those I should put on hopes to.. 
Yet still I never ever wanted anyone to be hurt by me..
Cause I feel da pain so much..
As much as it could break your soul..
Just a lil words for myself;
Wait patiently,  never take anything for granted
Never loose faith but always forgive..
Give the best although no one would appreciate..
Coz Allah Knows the best..
And as for the reminder,
In everything that I will do afterwards,
I'll make sure that it's

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