Monday, October 10, 2011

Part 2

i think my life is upside down right now.. sometimes i blame others but sumtimes i accept everything happens for reason...i made sum1's life miserable since that day. how i wish we don't meet n things wont happens like this. i try to forgive and forget but i dunno why its so hard. i admit that i'm not matured enough. everything that i explen n every reason that i gave doesn't show i'm on the right side...the more i xplen, the more i humiliated myself. i just want to be a natural person as i am before. i just want to be like this ,"the past is over, forget it. the future holds out hope, reach for it." yeah, that's the real NUR SHARMIMI BINTI BAKAR. i'm a great friend actually. i love to share stories. i'm sorry, this is not i am really now... give me tyme and opportunity to prove that i'm not the person u used to know right now (although it has been olmost 2years)..i oso want u 2 be happy wif ur life n i'm not the person who usually humiliated other person to make me myself happy.. i oso want to move on with my life..i just want 1 thing..pliz, treat me as your real friend n i promised you that i'll owez pray for your happiness..

p/s i do hope that you read this

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