Friday, October 7, 2011

Day 18 Challenge :5 things that irritate ME about opposite/same sex

Everybody has their own personality..sometimes it bad n sumtimes it just nice..sometimes it acceptable and sumtimes they're do i..people rarely realize their own personality..usually people may think he/she herself/himself are awesome but not people. sometimes people think she/he is too kind but actually she is annoying and usually people may think that she/he is so adorable but actually she/he is just berpura-pura.uh. n mostly people think that theorically they're right but they're wrong indeed.. huh again. actually it's hard to please every single person around us.. we tried to make people happy but maybe at the same time, people will get annoyed with everything you do..huhu..nevermind, this is life. life is full with challenge. n we as a normal being ~manusia biasa~ jadilah seperti manusia biasa.. jadi diri sendiri..terima orang seadanya n InsyaAllah orang akan terima kita seadanya..thanks to all my friends coz accept me the way i am..

~bila lihat kelemahan orang lain, jangan ingat kita lebih baik daripadanya, lalu kita mengatanya;ambillah pengajaran daripadanya. jika kita lihat kekuatan orang lain, contohilah dia dan perbaikilah peribadi kita~kata-kata utk dr sndiri

but somehow, i just wanted to share 5 little things that irritate me bout my opposite/same sex..i just mix out n xtujukan kpd mana2 pihak tertentu..

1. i just can't stand person who can't keep their mouth shout.. i mean someone who can't keep a secret that we promise not to tell anybody but suddenly in a short time, people start staring and asking you bout that lil thing that should be hidden.

2. i just can't stand man with a casanova's so annoying. n those casanova person does hurt mostly good woman.

3. it's irritate me when people keep thinking bad bout other person. they may think but pliz dun shout it out..

4. hurm, it irritate me when people suddenly staring weirdly at us but we just dunno why n people didn't try to say ~why he/she is acting like that~ when they needed too..

5. lastly, i felt annoying when my phone is suddenly called by weird people who talk nonsensely and gave weird messages ..eeewwww~~yuck!!

ok, finally, done..i'm sorry if any part of my post will make you feel irritate with me n suddenly feel annoyinng..i'm just doing my challenge..

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