Friday, October 7, 2011

Day 17 Challenge: How you hope your future will be like

How do i hope my future will be??hurm, actually i made a lot of thinking bout this and of course i would like to be a successful n great teacher. actually i'm not rally sure whether i could be remedial teacher as it should be or math or bahasa teacher.that's becoz our possibility to become our-own-course-teacher is 50-50 due to kekosongan ckgu dalam ssbuah sekolah. that's becoz what have i heard from our senior who's b4 this was in bahasa Melayu major but when he has been posting at the rural area skul (long/ulu), they were asked to be Science teacher as the school need them to...gosh!!

hehe, back to the topic, i wish that after a year of working as a teacher, i will bought my own car.. my target is Pesonala..but somehow i'll change my mind for a better car if it's affordable n due to my mood..hehe..and each month i'll save bout an amount of money within my parents n siblings bank so that they have their own stabil savings.mun diam d pedalaman ngn bnyak eh saving..hehe.. for my parents, i'll do this because i would like to take them to perform hajj n i'll make sure it's me myself whom take them there~holding my mom hands and doing tawaff and all rukun haji together. And as for my siblings, i just want them to have a better saving, esp for their education n just dun want them to be as susah as me right now esp dlm bab kewangan..huhu..InsyaAllah

then, i'll start to think of a house with InsyaAllah my future husband. If there still no sign of my pemilik tulang rusuk masok meminang (eceh,haha, pity me);i still want to own my own house. it just a simple n senang hati memandang n i really want people say this whenever they saw my house.."ow, rumah cikgu oatutla kacak"..ececece...haha..that's my komen everytime i see beautiful house in my kampong esp belongs to chekgu..hoho

part kawen i xsentuhla coz InsyaAllah it's juz come when the time it should be..hehe..InsyaAllah, dgn restu suami n family, i berusaha utk truskan pjuangan utk mdapatkan my second degree in remedial course of coz~ anywhere..but i do hope that i could further my study in oversea university..paling kurang pun University of Glasgow, Scotland:) mun x pun, ckupla, pjj kat universiti tempatan with first class honor~cey, smangat seh!!hehe

n lastly, pas everything has been settled down and in a meantime, i'll do sharing business with my beloved bff as what we had promise before..InsyaAllah..if not all of this happening but at least there something change in my life in the future:)

That's it!!!every people had their own beautiful story:)

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