Friday, May 20, 2011

The End Story verse 2

This is another verse of the end story of "The Hope"
There is a young girl who hopes that she'll met a person who would kiss away all her tears
Who would took her runaway from the scary world
Who would accept her whoever she is
Who would never leave her lonely anymore..
One day, she found a man..
He brings hope and he gave hopes
Faith and love..
The young girl believe him
Life since that day is so beautiful as they promise that they would face all the obstacles together
As they promise that the feeling will stays forever..
Their love life is such a fairy tales
But everything change suddenly..
Life seems to be turn out as storm
She's been left out alone again
Without knowing the exact reason
Only know that his heart had changed
She's a person of loving heart
But started to become hating people
Even hating herself becoz she puts too much faith on him
But she still hoping that there is a magic
Where love could be rebound again..
And yet now she finally found the reason
Why she had been left
It's because the man she once fall in love
The man she once still hold the hopes
Is also holding the same hope
To rebound his love with his first love
That truly deeply and hurtly is not herself;(

That's the end of "The Hope"

teda kena mengena antra hidup atau mati

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