Friday, May 20, 2011

The End Story verse 1

This is the end story
Of "The Hope"
Once, there is a girl who owez hoping that everything would be find..
Owez hoping that everything runs smoothly and perfectly
Owez hoping that every story end with happy ending
She forget that life cannot be that easier
Life never gives everything that she really want
Life is actually a long path
That she should through all the obstacles
Whether she want it or not
Whether she like it or not
Whether she could or couldn't bear it
At the end
She turn out to be a matured women
By knowing that,
She's still can be hoping but not too much
And instead of hoping blindlessly
She put an effort which is DOA
To strengthen the hopes.
She believes that one day
Everything will be okay as
Allah promises that
"She wouldn't get everything she hope/want
But she would get everything that she need"

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