Thursday, October 7, 2010

~Not Everything Needs Explanation~

Now I realize
Life doesn't seems to answer everything we ask..
But when the time passes by..
I will finally understand what's everything is..

Sometimes life hard..
Sometimes life makes me feel that I should give up..
Sometimes the pain is too deep..
Sometimes I loose all the spirit..
Sometimes I feel that I shouldn't move on..
As everything seems wrong on my way..
But better by their way...

Then I take a deep breath..
Very deep breath..
And start to think logically..
Why should I blame everything..
If Allah says that everything happens with its own reason..
If everything happens is actually an answer for everything that we ask before..
If everything is the way that Allah wanted us to be..
If everything is something at the end...

People include me often..always...ask WHY???
Why this happened?
Why this could be happened with me?
Why I am the person that should take all this?
Why am I had been choose for this??

I also don't know...
Because everything does not needs explanation..
Because time will be answer later..
Let it be like what it would be..
Don't asked too much WHY??
Because you'll find it yourself later...
Whether in the way you like it or not...

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