Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Love & Friendship

©Wayne Burton

when the person you love seems to hurt you the most
and life isn't looking too bright,
you have to remember to forgive and forget
because you know you're not always right,
sometimes it's hard to admit that you're wrong
and bring all of your faults to the light,
so before you pass judgment you have to remember
that the finger you point is still yours at the end of the night,
down through the years you'll think you've lost your mind
and your love will surely be tested,
how it turns out is all up to you
because it depends on what you've invested,
for if it's true love your actions will show
you'll be there right to the end,
because before fiancé, husband or wife
you have to be called a friend.


  1. my favourite words:Life wasn't all that complicated (from The Curious Case of Benjamin Button)