Tuesday, October 9, 2012

What a memory :)

Event : IPG KBL Annual Dinner
Venue: Four Point
Date: 5 October 2012
Theme: Black & White : Down To Memory Lane

PISMP Pemulihan Ambilan Januari 2009~super duper senior~LOL
We are on stage ya!!

Picture taken with our Ayahanda, Encik Yusop Malie who is really responsible for every upside-down-fail-success of PISMP Pemulihan. He's a great man who is very commited with his work but never ever complain about the hardness of life.. I adore him so much in terms of patience..:) May Allah always bless you, Encik Yusop Malie..Thank You so much

wITH Classmates n Miss Florence

She's been so strict with us but she understand us most as she knows that we were lazy kids..haha..so much of fun with her because her class is so challenging and fun..Challenging of what? we need to be always ready with tutorials, weekly ISL and damn boring REFLECTION of every week lesson. But sumhow, the reflection is truly come from our heart and she comment on everything that we write..sweet;p

With Madam Koh Lee Ling and Miss Florence.. both from Jabatan Matematik..We also can be Math teacher ma later..hehe

PISMP Pemulihan Ambilan Januari 2009 & Januari 2010
~Senior and Junior~

 Classmates with our main lecturers..missing in place is Naomi but replace with Madam Koh Lee Ling..hehe..Babet in pic is juz like a photoshop again..Lol

Beautiful girls except Jenal..haha

Beautiful ladies..I praise myself? oh oh..hahah

With wewin, my beloved trigulasi sumber...;p

With beautiful-always-young Madam Anis..hoho..if she see what i wrote she must be painted

Again and again

With bakal ibu, Suhana Udin.:) Take care dear..will miss you soon..uhuhk;(

with beautiful mISS Pink ~Naz~ thanks dear for helping me translating my 2nd abstract:)

With Yan's fiancee-will become a Sarawakian soon, Miss Liz Yani and org Perak- Naz

~Puteri kayangan turun ke bumi,
Mencari putera bertakhta di hati;
Hamper dipegang sekadar penyeri,
Walau 6 kali dinner tetap tiada rezeki..~

~Sahabat selamanya~

Cik Sheeda, Cik Mimi n Cik Yani

Wif Cass and Nana 

Syed Mohamad Solehin

Wif Pemancar
Mohammad Faizal

Wif ex-JPP aka boneka..me so kenit there..aigoo
Jordan Jarome

With Fatim, Mina, Ani, Ika, Bai and Cik Bibot
Geng rumah Flat

Summary: Great event actually because Pengarah really appreciate us especially Pismp Pemulihan after out MWA MQA auditing. It's really a great feeling where now people can see our star is shining brightly in the sky..chewah, ayat ya..haha..xla, juz rasa puas hatila sbb if sblum tok smua org xkenal pun apa Pismp Pemulihan sampe orang translate Pemulihan ya sebagai Recovery or Rehabilitation but sebenarnya dalam pendidikan, istilah pemulihan ya dikenal sebagai Remedial Education..hehe..it's okay coz in Malaysia it's still new..so, all of you are forgiven, ahaks!! But, sadly walaupun it's been 6 kali da annual dinner, xpnh pun tgnku tok balit mbak hamper cabutan bertuah..haish, ng xbertuahla..bkn stakt aku, aku rs the whole PISMP Jan 2009 xdpt cbutan bertuah pun..adeh2..hehe..xpala, ng bkn rezki pun.. xpuasla ht juak sbb xbnyk bgmbr. frust sketla sbb tok last bha..huhu..klak ssh mok tmu lecturer agik..xpala, lak mun ada ksmptn, aku nk g stiap jbatan n bgmbar ngn stiap lecterer yg pnh aja aku..hehe..mun jakkk.. apa2 pun, mlm ya aku seronok wp hati ada juak rs xbez tgal sumthg but I'm happy coz keta cdak ya rosak tyme habis dinner..hoho, jahat eh..hehe..xdala..i guess i dun care much of it coz it's not my problem :p  anyway, me so happy coz I can wear my own dress that night  and i am very comfortable with myself. my light touch-up is also great although it's simple..thanx wewin n amy:) only a lil bit frustrationla sbb vdeo yg kmkorg polah xdtygkan tyme dnner..ya jak..psl food, okla sbb aku pun msih knyg sbb ptg ya g pngilan mkn hol rmh mak cik Jenal..thnx Jenal coz sponsor mkn sedap ptg ya..hehe..FINISH:)

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