Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Top 7 Ranking

This is all about my 7th Top Ranking of Man In My Life.. Hehe..Dun get angry haaa if our men are the same people..hehe..I think this chart will be added time by time as the more movies or stories that I watched, the more man will I love..hehe..But I'm not that type of girl whom owez having crush to any handsome man outside haa as u'll see that not all of my man below are super-duper-cute as SUPER JUNIOR..ahaks!!


Jae Hee (born Lee Hyun-kyoon, 25 May 1980) is a South Korean actor who made his on-screen debut in the Korean drama School.
# 2005 SBS: My Girl (cameo)
# 2007 SBS: Witch Yoo Hee

p/s: cute sesangat esp bl part dy gaduh ngn chun hyang...hehe

Name: 이동욱 / Lee Dong Wook
Profession: Actor and model
Birthdate: 1981-Nov-06
Height: 184cm
Weight: 78kg
Star sign: Scorpio
Blood type: B
Talent agency: Jump Entertainment

p/s: muka yg ilek2 cool bebeh buley wat pompuan snyum buley buat pompuan jd melting..haha(ada beza ka??) ;p


Kusyairy Zakuan
Nama Penuh : Nurkusyairy Zakuan Bin Osman
Tempat Lahir : Hospital Kuala Lumpur
Bangsa : Melayu
Bahasa : Bahasa Inggeris, Bahasa Melayu
Kerjaya : Pelakon, Pelagak Ngeri
Kemahiran : Berlakon, Aksi Lagak Ngeri

p/s: suka sgt2 tgk dy blakon esp dlm "Geng Surau" coz slumber yaya jer..hehe..but he's oredy taken (gulp!!)..xpala..minat jak pun..thnx olso to his wife coz i knew him better now..ingtkan btul2 org srwk coz terer gak speaking srwakian dlm cita rosli dhobi kat astro prima..hehe


Scott Andrew Moffatt was born on March 30, 1983 in Whitehorse, Yukon. Within a year after his birth, he became big brother to triplets Clint, Bob and Dave. As a child, Scott did some small-time modelling for a catalogue and bought his first guitar with his earnings at the tender age of six.

p/s: this is 1 of my crush since primary school..hehe..azimah knew this..haha..very funnyla that tyme..but sumhow, I love the way he play the guitar:) aku smpan bnyak poster scott in my personal portfolio..hehe..n i still have them now..wee:)


Michael Treanor (born April 17, 1979) is a black belt who starred in 3 Ninjas and 3 Ninjas Knuckle Up. He is the third son of Richard and Peggy Treanor.

Treanor was discovered by casting agents for 3 Ninjas in his martial arts class. After encouragement from friends and family, he auditioned for and successfully landed the role of eldest brother Rocky.

Treanor is a black belt and continues to practice as an adult.

p/s: hehe..from the 4th until the 2nd were really my crush during my zaman kiddy-kiddy dulu..hehe..i nver miss watched this movie n never bored of watching them continously and frequently..hehe..then, pegi skul esok n wat summarize cita with yuuki..haha..benax "foxforous"??(erk, btulx ejanya) LOL!!


Jonathan Taylor Thomas (born September 8, 1981) is an American actor, voice actor, former child star, and teen idol. He was well known for his role of middle child Randy Taylor on the sitcom Home Improvement and as the voice of the young Simba in Disney's The Lion King.

p/s: mukanya ilek2 jak..hehe..but sooo sweet..hehe..not so popular but no matter how he's owez in my heart..chewah..haha


Ally Iskandar Mohd Mardzi
13 Januari 1976
Kuala Lumpur
Memegang ijazah Sarjana Muda Bahasa Inggeris dan Pengajian Filem University of The Pacific, Stockton, California, Amerika Syarikat

p/s: waaaaaahhh!!!this is my greatest crush ever...i not really sure when is't the time i'd a crush on him..actually i dunno why am i on earth having crush-dashing with him..xla hensem ni pooouun weirdo..but sweet ttp ada...haha..but everytime i see him, i'll get excited n automatically screamed!!hehe..n everyone around me knew that i'm in deepest crush with him..i can't barely imagine what is my reaction if ever i've got the opportunities and chance to meet him..i think that i might be fainting..haha..LOL..but somehow, if ever my friends do "sakat2" me by taking my ally or even saying that ally will fall in love with them, i will surely cry..dunno why..haha(if ever ally knew us and that situation might really happen..apala ;p) i even ask my parents whether they would like accept ally as their son- in-law..haha..n my mom just smile ;p..i also keep saying that ally xkawen2 until now coz nak tunggu i hbis blaja n then trus lamar i..haha..ceh poodah..kuat brangan btul orang xpala coz it makes me happy..erk..but if ally baca blog aku nih, kmpom dy tmuntah pas bc entry nih..haha...kecian..maaf ya encik ally..hurm, kalaulah dy kawen sua2 hr nnti, i must be very frustrated but i'll be really in relieved kalu pmpuan plihan dy bkan dlm klangan shbat2 ku..hehe..

oklah, skian saja carta 7 lelaki-lelakiku kali ni..ada masa lagi@kalu da org baru lg, surely i'll post it in my blog..yeah!!hehe..


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