Thursday, September 23, 2010

Love Makes Me Hurt??

Does love really hurt??
I asked myself..
I convinced myself..
That love doesn't really hurt me..

Love does hurt..
Love does have to hurt..
Because love needs sacrifice..

Why love can't be easy?
Why loving someone can't be easy?
Love should be the most precious and glory and with a blink-blink moment in someone's life..

I do have experience being in love..
I realize I've made a lot of mistakes..
Yes, I'm still in pain
I'm still hurt although times passes by..
Hoping for something that no one else knew...
Hoping for forgiveness..
Hoping for a new chance..

I pray and I asked for strength..
To survive in this challenging life..
I'm not giving up with love..
Although it hurts, but love gave me inspiration..
As I knew that I'm not alone..
I have someone to be with..
and importantly
To keep the patience while struggling with OUR bumpy journey of life..


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