Wednesday, November 9, 2011


As you all know in my previous post, my grandpa is now performing hajj since 9th October if i'm not mistaken..and i owez pray that he will go and back safely.. i call mum this morning and i've heard one shocked news. my grandpa is missing now in Meqah..he has been spotted missing since on Sunday for doing "melontar" xtvty..until now, there's no news or anything bout's olmost 4days..whooa..huhu..he left his hp and all his documents and sehelai sepinggang..i'm just too worried..there's almost 30 of them who's missing..Ya Allah, permudahkanlah urusan pak nek cnun..readers, pliz, pliz pray for my grandpa and all the missing people there..huu


  1. kak mimiey, will praying for him too. ameen.

  2. ..insya Allah..suma nya ok peq.. ujian menuju jalan Allah.. doa banyak2 suma slamat..