Sunday, September 25, 2011

Day 7 Challenge : A photo of an animal you’d love to keep as a pet

I tok sbnrnya bknnya pncinta binatang glak coz I tok bkn pnyayang glak wp I suka glak2 ngn baby..hehe.i just suka nangga binatang ya jak tp to keep it as a pet, I’ll think all and all and all and all over again. Because I’ve got to feet it, I’ve got to spend my time take care of it, I’ve need a time to bath, to clean the poops n wat so ever..huhu.I’m not that kind of person who are so committed with those thing… Look what happens to ‘Cik Mimot” (read at the previous post) and my bunga mawar.. they all die in a short time coz I’m not so into them. This does hurt my feeling anyway coz that’s make I’m not so good in taking care of my own thing. huhu..myb I’m no too loving enough then??(that’s why man keep leaving me, I guess?) but never mind, mybe one day I’ll keep something and take a good care of it..Okay, for today’s challenge(actually I’m 2 days late coz I’m going back home) but it’s okay right as long as I’m in the track..hehe..well, pliz ignore my introduction set above coz I’m going to tell about an animal that I would like to have as a pet

A Cute Little Rabbit

Tengok2!! Isn’t she’s cute???arg, rasa nak picit2 jak badannya. I mok anak rabbit yang kecik n comel as a pet..even my new hobby bl everytime I go to pasar satok is dating <----- *datangla (annoying sungguh bl xda bf ada plak typing error cmtok) ke tempat jual binatang n cubit2 n belai2 arnab. Tapi I mok pelihara arnab kiut tok tyme nya agik kecik da besar I nak jual @ panggang k makan ok ka??hahah..kejam yang pasti, bl nya da bsar, nya xkiut agik..huhu..xmo,xmo,xmo..i mok nya kecik jak..hehe..

Myb one day kot I’ll try to discipline myself and keep this cute little rabbit as my home pet..hehe

But I have also my 2nd animal that I would like to keep as a pet which is :

Isn’t he amazing?? I dun know but somehow I really , really, really like to have my own horse one day.. I wish i’ll married with rich and good man I day so that he could gave me white and strong horse as the hantaran perkahwinan…haha..ada bran???

Last but not least, i also would like to keep Miss and Mr butterfly as my pet..Done!!