Tuesday, February 8, 2011


If I'm a billionaire, I'll:
* Bought bungalow with vantage concept
*Bought Volkswagen Beetle
*Travel around the world
*Bought the latest model of DSLR
*Open a bookstore+Cupcake Store
*Bought all Transformers Collection
*Moved out to Mecca with my family

Wah, tingginya angan2..hehe..saja jak coz this imagination really make me excited and thinking of interesting things that I should do if I'm a billionaire.. It's a long list actually but I'm too shy to mention up all those thing..haha..Apaka?? Dahla semuanya menjurus kepada keduniaan..hoho..How I wish even if I couldn't be a billionaire, one of thing on my list would come true..Hurm, I'll let you'll to decidela which one of it..hehe..Nang ada...;p


  1. kmk tauk apa..."Bought the latest model of DSLR"..insyaAllah dapat...=) aja aja hwaiting..!!^^*

  2. hehe..mak seh peq..InsyaAllah, ada la ya lak..hehe..lak mk hire kitak jd model utama,k!!hehe